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The Spanish teaching resources provided here, have been compiled from material made by Spanish4Teachers.org and material made by other teachers. All of the Spanish4Teachers.org material is labeled as such.

The website is being updated periodically with new Spanish teaching resources for a fun, original and interactive way of teaching Spanish. The modules you see below are organized by units, for an easy search. Surely you will find what you are looking for in this collection of free teaching resources for Spanish classes.


Free Teaching Resources for  Spanish Class

Lesson Plans for Spanish Teachers
Spanish Worksheets & Handouts
PowerPoint Presentations in Spanish
Spanish Vocabulary Lists
Spanish Language Exams & Quizzes
Spanish Flipped & Blended Classroom
Spanish Language Interactive Activities
Hispanic Culture
Reading Comprehension in Spanish
 Spanish Literature
Neat Spanish Teacher Tools
IB Spanish AB-Initio Resources
Elementary Spanish Resources
Incorporating Technology in the Spanish Classroom
IB Spanish B Materials
Spanish Teaching Blogs
Spanish Listening Activities


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