Spanish Adjectives and Descriptions
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  1. PowerPoint Los Adjetivos (Adjectives): (middle
    school) Presentation describing how adjectives work in Spanish in accordance
    to gender and number.
  2. ¿Cómo Te Llamas?, ¿Cómo Se Escribe?, Posesiones:  spanish4teachers.
    org (elementary) ask and answer name and last name, how it is spelled and
    learn about possessive words such as Mi/Tu/Su.
  3. Spanish PowerPoint of the Face and Descriptions (La Cara y
    Descripcione): (elementary/middle school) parts of
    the head and face and related descriptions.
  4. Simple Personal Questions PowerPoint: (middle
    school) ¿Dónde Vives?, ¿Qué Idioma Hablas?, ¿De Dónde Eres? for yo, tu,
  5. PowerPoint Practice Of Personal Questions: (middle
    school) ¿Dónde Vives?, ¿Qué Idioma Hablas?, ¿De Dónde Eres?, ¿Cuál Es
    Tu Nacionalidad? exercises and activity to practice.
  6. Tall and Short Presentation (Alto y Bajo): (middle school beginners).
    Conjugation the adjectives "tall" and "short" in singular and plural, masculine
    and feminine.
  7. PowerPoint of the Use of Gender and Number in Spanish Descriptions
    (Género - Número): (middle school) explanation of gender and number with
    definite and indefinite articles, people, animals and things.
  8. The Family Descriptions: (elementary/middle school) family relationships
    and family tree.
  1. Spanish Adjectives (Los Adjetivos): (middle/high
    school). Worksheet to practice the Spanish adjectives in accordance with
    gender and number.
  2. Hispanic Nationalities Worksheet: (middle/high
    school). Fill the chart with the nationality for masculine, feminine, singular
    and plural.
  3. Worksheet on Nationality & Languages: (middle
    school) fill in the table the country, nationality and language (soy de Rusia,
    soy ruso, hablo ruso...).
  4. Personal Questions in Spanish: (middle school)
    answer 4 personal questions for each person (¿De dónde es? ¿Cuál Es Su
    Nacionalidad? ¿Qué Idioma Habla? ¿Dónde Vive?)
  5. Spanish Adjectives Handout (Los Adjetivos): (high school) handout in
    Spanish about the different types of adjectives in Spanish.
  6. All About Spanish Adjectives (Todo Sobre Adjetivos): (high school)
    handout for advanced students about Spanish adjectives.
  7. How To Describe In Spanish:  (middle school) handout on how to
    compose a description sentence.
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Spanish adjectives height
Bajo (a)
Alto (a)
  1. Introducing and Interviewing A Classmate: interview and introduce
    asking questions such as What is your name?, Where are you from?, Where
    do you live?, etc.
  2. ¿Quién Es?: lesson written in Spanish. Describe a famous person and
    answer questions about him/her.
  3. Vamos En Metro: (middle school). Written in Spanish. Give directions on
    how to use the metro.
  4. ¿Cómo Soy Yo?: (middle school). Lesson plan - project for using,
    reviewing and practicing descriptions.