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GRACIAS!!! is the only website offering all free resources to Spanish teachers. This is why our audience and website visits continue to grow. appears on the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The website is updated regularly with new useful resources for Spanish teachers of all levels and ages. We keep teachers informed of updates, news and events through our news letter.


——————————————————————-’s Audience

We are dedicated to providing free resources to Spanish teachers. Therefore, most of our readers, followers and subscribers are Spanish teachers.

However, our Technology in the Classroom Blog
and social media platforms are followed by foreign language teachers in general.


——————————————————————- Facts

  • Website traffic:  Dec 2017 stats below

Spanish4Teachers October Stats

  • 2585 Mailing list subscribers (accurate number shown below the sign-up form on the side-bar)



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  • Ads must be education related
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300 x 200 ads: $100 per month or $285 per quarter

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Guest Blogging

If you are interested in publishing a guest post on our Blog, please make sure that your post:

  1. is about teaching world languages (methodology, strategies, curriculum, approaches, assessment, etc.)
  2. is about an educational technology tool useful to foreign language teachers, or
  3. is about integrating technology into the foreign language classroom
  4. is educational and does not link to any unrelated site or service

The topic and possible links need to be pre-approved. The post must also follow a specific format.

If you are interested in writing a guest post, please send us an email to  “info at spanish4teachers dot org” for additional details.

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