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Screencasting in foriegn language classes

My 6 Favorite Screencasting Tools

  I screencast almost daily, not only because I teach online. In my face2face classes it helps me personalize and differentiate. How? Well I create screencasts to have one group of students work on something while I personally work with the other group. You think you won’t have use for it?…Well, haven’t you ever had […]

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Ted Ed Flipping lesson

TED-Ed Flip Tool Updates & Their Call for Ideas

A while back I talked about the many ways in which you can use the Ted-Ed flip tool in the Foreign Language classroom.¬†I mentioned¬†differentiating, innovative homework, lessons for absent students, sub lessons, and more. I had also mentioned it was a tool that had recently been launched and therefore undergoing constant changes and updates. Well, […]

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