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Screencasting in foriegn language classes

My 6 Favorite Screencasting Tools

  I screencast almost daily, not only because I teach online. In my face2face classes it helps me personalize and differentiate. How? Well I create screencasts to have one group of students work on something while I personally work with the other group. You think you won’t have use for it?…Well, haven’t you ever had […]

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Using twitter hashtags to chat

Foreign Language & Education Professional Development from the Comfort of your Home

For the past year, I have received the most constant and inspiring professional development of my life and right in the comfort of my own home (and sometimes from a good travel spot). How? Right on Twitter and all thanks to marvelous hashtags. Therefore,¬†I am going to dedicate this post to the word ‘hashtag’, not […]

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MentorMob playlist foreign language classroom

Have you heard? There’s a New dangerous mob in the Ed-house!

What? You haven’t heard? There is a new dangerous mob around the Ed-house lately. Known for creating playlists of information to ease online learning and teaching. The imminent danger? That you’ll be hooked! The mob, the mob, the MentorMob MentorMob is an online tool that allows you to create Learning Playlists with information, resources, videos, […]

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Wallwisher in the classroom

Wallwisher in the Foreign Language Classroom

Many of my lessons start out with a brainstorming session. Why? Because this accurately engages students with the topic that will be introduced. For instance, it is much easier to explain feminine/masculine endings after students have brainstormed and have defined similarities and differences, have divided words in groups according to their ending, and drawn preliminary […]

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