School Posters: How to Print Them Full Size |

School Posters: How to Print Them Full Size

Teachers from the Spanish4Teachers community have asked if it is possible to print full size posters for the classroom with a regular printer. Well, YES! Here is how…

Introducing the Rasterbator!!! The Rasterbator is a free, online based tool that let’s you upload an image, to then print it in “tile-form”, to then create your full size school poster.

Print full size posters with conventional home printer


Simply access the Rasterbator printing tool, click on “Create your poster”.

Print full size posters from home


Upload the poster document (PDF or Word), follow the steps you are automatically guided through, and print!

Print posters for free


This is a pretty cool tutorial on using the Rasterbator poster printing tool:

Can’t access the video? View it here!


Want to see some examples? Check out these amazing printed posters!


In our IB Spanish B page of resources you will find an ATL poster, good for IB classrooms.


Find some great school posters presented by Danielle Sigmon, to liven up your classrooms 10 motivational posters for your classroom.



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