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Spanish Flipped Classroom


Are you getting started with “flipping or blending” your Spanish classroom? Here are some useful resources to help you along your Spanish flipping journey.

Spanish Flipped Classroom Essentials:

Flipped Classroom Certifications:

Flipped Classroom Platforms:

  • a platform that allows you to create organized lessons virtual with any media or document.
  • MentorMob platform that let’s you create playlists out of any document, website, media.
  • Ted -Ed Flip Tool a wondeful tool created by TED in which you can create a lesson around a Youtube video of your choice. Add quizzes, activities and track student performance.

Blended Classroom Essentials:

Language Teachers Flipping their Classrooms:


Useful Spanish Teaching Videos for Flipped/Blended Spanish Classrooms:

Subjuntivo – Spanish Subjunctive

Cognates – Cognados

Preterito vs. Imperfecto

Spanish Present Tense Shoe Verbs

Find more videos organized by play lists in our YouTube Channel


Looking for a resource or material that you can’t find here? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help you find it!


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