Spanish Interactive Activities,

Spanish Interactive Activities

Spanish interactive activities for the classroomThis Spanish Interactive Activities page contains numerous resources that provide interactive activities to use in the Spanish classroom. These are great activities to assign as homework, to teach with, to assign as classroom activity, you name it!

Teachers please feel free to use these Spanish teaching resources, but we ask that you respect the copyright and footer information of all of them.


The Spanish Alphabet Interactive Activities:

  • Abecedario Interactivo (elementary) many interactive games to learn and practice the Spanish alphabet.
  • Alfabeto (elementary) hover over each letter of the Spanish alphabet and listen to the pronunciation and read the sound each letter makes.
  • Animalcedario (elementary) different interactive alphabet activities. When you scrawl over each animal, the letter is pronounced. If you then click on the animal, an explanation of the letter sound and examples will be given.
  • Pronouncing The Spanish Alphabet Puzzle (elementary) arrange the Spanish alphabet puzzle and listen to it being pronounced.


Spanish Vocabulary Interactive Activities:


The Numbers In Spanish Interactive Activities:


Listen To The Spanish Pronunciation:


Spanish Grammar Interactive Activities:


Interactive Activities For Many Units:

  • Fun Games & Activities (elementary/middle school) to practice vocab, verbs, grammar, pronunciation and more. Scroll down to “Interactive Spanish Student Lessons”.
  • Hello World – Spanish (elementary) 700+ free Spanish activities and games.
  • Mexico For Kids – Cuéntame (elementary/middle school) an entire website for kids about Mexico. Food, Fiestas, games songs recipes and more. Can be viewed in English or Spanish.
  • QUIA (elementary/middle/high school) a collection of interactive activities and quizzes to practice all sorts of Spanish units.
  • Many Spanish Interactive Activities (middle school) interactive activities to practice several Spanish units.
  • “Español Con Carlitos (middle school) Spanish interactive activities for different units and different levels.
  • Short “Reportajes” (high school) a series of news “reportajes” in Spanish to practice listening comprehension. Each one has a self-check quiz.
  • Crossword Puzzles (elementary/middle school) a series of different level and different theme crossword puzzles.
  • “Living The Spanish Dream”  (middle/high school) practice vocab, verbs, conjugation, reading comprehension while matching the ads with the correct real estate property.
  • Words & Tools a selection of interactive activities divided by level (elemental, intermedio, avanzado).
  • Quia Activities (all levels) interactive activities for everything you could think of related to Spanish.
  • Vocab, Grammar, Reading, Quizzes, and More (all levels) interactive activities for many Spanish topics of all levels.


Speaking/Writing Activities:

  • Create a Character and Describe it (middle school) (descripciones). Choose a head a body and feet to create a character and then describe it either speaking or writing the Spanish description.
  • Face Creator (middle/high school) (descripciones) have students create a face according to spoken or written directions. They could then print it. A short story could be written around this character.


Spanish Listening Comprehension Interactive Activities:

  • Brain Pop Videos in Spanish (high school) short videos in Spanish about different topics (art, music, science, technology, history) with listening comprehension activities.


Looking for a resource or material that you can’t find here? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help you find it!


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    “Animalcedario” has been hijacked , it keeps going to “funny or die”

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      Muchas gracias Debora. Ya lo hemos cambiado.

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    Spanish Clothes Interactive Game (middle school) fun interactive game to practice Spanish clothes vocabulary (La Ropa)” no fonciona ” El Portal educativo del Proyecto Medusa ha sido renovado”

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