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Teach children bilingual reading

Skills for life: Bilingual Reading! – Teach children to Read in English and Spanish

This is a guest post by Denise Scholes from Abuelita Spanish From the time a child is born, if not before, language development has begun. Children advancing in language learn first through listening, then speaking. As they advance in age and learning they deepen their understanding of their language through reading and more complex  thinking. […]

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Creating Teaching Materials

The Importance Of Creating Your Own Authentic Foreign Language Teaching Materials

You might be asking yourself, “why is there a post about foreign language teaching materials in a technology blog?” The reason is that (to me) this is the foundation of providing an authentic foreign language learning environment for your students. It is also the first step to incorporating technology into your foreign language classroom. Sure, […]

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Screencasting in foriegn language classes

My 6 Favorite Screencasting Tools

  I screencast almost daily, not only because I teach online. In my face2face classes it helps me personalize and differentiate. How? Well I create screencasts to have one group of students work on something while I personally work with the other group. You think you won’t have use for it?…Well, haven’t you ever had […]

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