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Why Incorporate Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom?


Before you even begin trying to incorporate technology in your classroom, you must define why you want to do so?


So, let’s define a goal for using technology in your class?

Integrating technology in foreign language classroomThere is a lot to do out there with technology, but if you don’t have a set goal(s) how will you then be able to measure success and build up on your progress. Don’t just do it because you are, perhaps, feeling pressured to. Take a minute to think about it. If you had a deadline to start incorporating technology in your class, do you know exactly what you would use it for and why?


Any idea what you might do with technology in your foreign language class?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Organize documents/files/homework: do you have worksheets, papers, documents, lesson plans everywhere? Do you have to take some time pulling documents out each year and remembering if they are at home or at school?…aha! Get ready to have access to your documents everywhere you go. Pull them up easily each year and even have examples of previous work right at your finger tips.
  • why technology in the classroomGo paperless: are you concerned about the environment and want a green classroom?… Again, technology tools are excellent and easy on helping you in this process.
  • Save time & simplify procedures: looking for ways to save time marking, communicating, displaying work, giving feedback?…Well, technology has great surprises for you!
  • Do something different: tired of the old worksheets, presentations, projects, board-writing, paper written tests?…Hang on to your hats teachers. You’ll be going on a great ride!
  • Engage students: we all know students are into technology one way or another. They love trying out new stuff and using fun tools to learn and practice. They feel proud when their work is displayed and shown to others. Technology in your classroom will help you and your students always enjoy your classes. You will be astonished when students take the initiative to work and show you they have done this and that at home on their own.
  • Be a model at your school: Do you want your class to stand out? Do you want to be the “pioneer” in using technology in your school? Do you want to set an example and help other teachers incorporate technology as well?…You got it!
  • Connect with other schools/communities: Looking for ways to connect with others outside your school? Perhaps start a project with another school in your area? Or even with a school one thousand miles away? Do you maybe want your foreign language students to have a chance to communicate with other student’s whose mother tongue is the one you teach as a foreign one?…Well, well, well! The options are endless.
  • Collaborate: Do you wish you could collaborate easily with colleagues? Wondering how to create interdisciplinary units without necessarily adding tons of extra work to already busy schedules?…Just wait and see! Your colleagues are not going to leave you alone after you collaborate with technology tools. And you can’t imagine the amazing, meaningful projects that you’ll be able to create.
  • Receive a grant: Do you have your eye on a grant, but feel you don’t have the necessary tools to put together the application video / photo / presentation / collage?…You’ll be amazed at what simple and free online tools have to offer. And you will dazzle for sure.
  • Show off: Just kidding!


Have you defined your goal?

You might have to give it some thought. It might not only be one goal. You could tackle two, or three goals. But just make sure you know what they are and have them present at all times.

Write them down somewhere for now, later you can use a technology tool to record these goals and post updates, accomplishments, future ideas and reactions to build up on your road to incorporating technology in the classroom.


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2 Responses to Why Incorporate Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom?

  1. Louise May 17, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    You mentioned easier ways to grade papers. What programs do you use for that?

    • Emilia Carrillo May 18, 2012 at 4:16 am #

      Hola Louise! Thank you for your question! I use several tools, but my favorite are Google Forms, Survey Monkey and any screen-cast tool. I am writing another post about brainstorming and as soon as I finish it I’ll write about how I use these grading tools.